The best restaurants for hikers in the Swiss Alps. Read about our dining experience, get practical information, and a hiking tip for each restaurant! Have a wonderful day dining in the Swiss Alps!

Matthias von Hike&Dine in der Trauffer Erlebniswelt

Trauffer Hotel: Trauffer Erlebniswelt and Trauffer Bretterhotel

We visited the Trauffer Erlebniswelt (world of experience) and the Trauffer Bretterhotel and had dinner at Alfred’s Restaurant at Trauffer Switzerland. Marc A. Trauffer, who is the third generation of his family to run the wooden toy company Trauffer Switzerland, and his wife Brigitte have created a world that will delight young and old alike. Read all about our visit in the article.

Trauffer Hotel: Trauffer Erlebniswelt and Trauffer Bretterhotel Weiterlesen

Das Hotel Ofenhorn in Binn an einem Herbstabend

Hotel Ofenhorn Binn

The Ofenhorn Hotel is located around 1400 meters above sea level in the Valais mountain village of Binn. The Swiss Heritage Society calls the Hotel Ofenhorn one of the “most beautiful hotels in Switzerland”. This title is based on the special architecture of the building, which was built in 1883, as well as on the local dishes for which the hotel’s own kitchen is famous.

Hotel Ofenhorn Binn Weiterlesen

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