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Eating at Berghaus Betelberg Lenk

The Berghaus Betelberg Lenk is situated above the Swiss village Lenk on Betelberg. It offers a great terrace with views of Plaine Morte and Wildstrubel. The main attraction though is the delicious Rösti-Croquettes.

Berghaus-Betelberg, a mountain restaurant on Betelberg, Lenk, Switzerland. Behind it the Swiss Alps
Berghaus Betelberg, Betelberg, Lenk

Our experience eating at Berghaus Betelberg

The Berghaus Betelberg is a restaurant above Lenk on Betelberg mountain. It is situated between the mountain Leiterli and Stoos. In winter, it is the perfect go-to place for hungry skiers. In summer, its generous sunny terrace offers hikers a rest. Find out what we like about Berghaus Betelberg above Lenk so much.

Berghaus Betelberg with the terrace and the stable
Berghaus Betelberg with the terrace and the stable

How to get to Berghaus Betelberg

You can get to Berghaus Betelberg in many different ways. One way is to take the cable car from Lenk to Stoos and walk up to to Berghaus Betelberg. This is a great walk, about 20-30 minutes, and you will burn some calories before you sit down. Another way is to take the cable car to Leiterli and walk down from there (30 min). Either way brings you to your goal.

View from Berghaus Betelberg to the Swiss Alps. On the left a Swiss flag.
View from Berghaus Betelberg to the Swiss Alps/ Wildstrubel. On the left a Swiss flag dancing in the wind.

Why we always go back to Berghaus Betelberg: The Rösti-Croquettes and the terrace

The reason we come back to this place is not only the delicious Rösti Croquettes but the unbeatable view from the terrace.From the wooden terrace with the red charis and tables you can see Wildstrubel on the other side. Very often when we are there, we just sit and look at the clouds flying over these mountains while the Swiss flag dances in the wind and makes a meditative tac-tac-tac sound.

Delicious Rösti Croquettes and sweet summer melon in Berghaus Betelberg

Rösti-croquettes with Salad and melon

The Rösti Croquettes at Berghaus Betelberg are delicious. The potatoes were fresh and had taste. The fried part is crispy and freshly made. Be careful and don’t burn yourself, as they came pretty hot. We enjoyed the green salad with the French sauce. It was fresh and locally grown. The plate comes with a melon which either serves as a starter or a desert.

The Berghaus Betelberg has a small stable with cows. This is great for families as kids can have a look at the animals why the adults are chilling out on the terrace.

The Berghaus Betelberg is open all year

Berghaus Betelberg is open all year! This is rare as many mountain restaurants in Switzerland are closing in mid-season. In summer, hikers and people just wanting to grab a good byte can chill out on the terrace (sometimes there are even sunchairs!). In winter, skiers can stop here to grab a byte.

In winter, the Berghaus Betelberg offers food to hungry skiers
In winter, the Berghaus Betelberg offers food to hungry skiers

Conclusion: The best Rösti croquettes and sunny terrace in the Bernese Alps

Berghaus Betelberg is the ideal gourmet hiking destination. While the food is simple but amazing, the views of the terrace invite gourmet-hikers to unwind and spend unforgettable hours of bliss with one of the best views in the country.

Matthias Meyer headshot / portrait
Matthias’ Hike Tip

Hike&Dine: Hike on the Via Alpina from Lenk to Gstaad

“This is one of the most romantic hikes on the Via Alpina. Enjoy a 360° view from the Trüttlisbergpass of the Bernese Alps. You can actually tweak the hike so you can taste the Rösti-Croquettes in Berghaus Betelberg.”

Practical Information

Practical information for Berghaus Betelberg

You can reach the Berghaus Bettelberg by Cable Car from Lenk village with the Lenk Bergbahnen. It’s situated between the middle station “Stoos” and the final destination “Leiterli”.

Contact information of Berghaus Betelberg is listed here. 
Call +4133 733 03 19 /

Means of payment: cash and credit card

The address is: Restaurant Betelberg, Betelbergstr. 180, 3775 Lenk
The Plus Code is: CCPC+59 Lenk, Schweiz
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