Matthias Meyer

Matthias bezeichnet sich selbst als Gourmet-Wanderer: Seiner Meinung nach geht nichts über ein feines Essen nach einem Wandertag. Auf Hike&Dine möchte er seine schönsten Erlebnisse in den Schweizer Alpen mit Ihnen teilen. Matthias calls himself a gourmet hiker: in his opinion, nothing beats a delicious meal after a day of hiking. On Hike&Dine he wants to share his favourite experiences in the Swiss Alps with you.
Rigi Burggeist Bahn

Rigi Burggeist & Zwärgliweg

The family hike on the Zwärgliweg from Rigi Burggeist to Obergschwend is an easy hike. It goes mainly downhill. The hike along the Zwärgliweg, which is just under 4 kilometers long, takes about 1.5 hours and involves a descent of about 539 meters. As the name suggests, the Zwärgliweg trail has many garden gnomes with pointed hats and other fairy-tale characters to discover. After the hike, enjoy the view and a Gersau cheesecake on the large terrace of Rigi Burggeist.

Rigi Burggeist & Zwärgliweg Weiterlesen

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