Best hiking near Zurich

Options for half-day, full-day, and easy hikes

In this section, we list the best hikes near Zurich (👇scroll down to see the list). Zurich and its surroundings offer some great hikes. Many of the hikes are doable in just half a day or even after work! Zurich hiking trails are easily accessible: Jump in a bus or train, and within one hour you will be on a Zurich hiking trail and far away from the city. Here is our pick of the best half-day hikes and day hikes from Zurich.


Best half-day Hikes near Zurich
Hiking spots near Zurich that can be done in only half a day are listed right here. These are our favorites and we do them often.  The great thing about these hikes is that they are very close to the city. You can reach them within one hour by public transport (train, bus, tram).


Best full-day Hikes near Zurich
If you are heading for a day out of the city, we can recommend these stunning hikes. You can reach them in 1-2 hours by train or car from Zurich:


In the articles on this page, we describe our experience on each of these trails and share first-hand impressions from the hiking spots. We also provide you with the relevant information and facts for the trekking routes, such as free (GPX) Maps and directions, and show you how to get there. Being Hike&Dine and combining hiking with dining, we also present a restaurant suggestion for each hike. You can find the dine-tip for each hike in the article. Find our selection of self-guided hikes near Zurich 👇 right here.


We wish you a great hike near Zurich!

Image of Solène and Matthias from Hike&Dine

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