About Hike&Dine

About Hike&Dine

Pairing a meal with a glass of wine is a known art. It’s the pairing that makes the experience unique. I believe this approach is also valid for hiking and dining. On Hike&Dine, I share my favorite hiking and dining pairings in the Swiss Alps with you. I hope that Hike&Dine will inspire you to find enjoyable and delicious moments in the Swiss Alps – Matthias from Hike&Dine

Meet our Founder

Matthias Meyer

Wanderer, Gourmet, Storyteller
Matthias Meyer headshot / portrait

Matthias has a knack for the beautiful things in life. Whenever possible, he spends his free time hiking in nature – ideally with a view. Matthias calls himself a gourmet hiker. In his opinion, nothing beats a delicious meal after a day of hiking. In this blog, he wants to share his most beautiful and enjoyable experiences in the Swiss Alps with you. Matthias is born in Switzerland and lived on the French Riviera, in Buenos Aires, San Francisco, and Paris. When Matthias is not hiking in the mountains he makes businesses known with his company Meyer – Strategies for a Digital World GmbH.

Friends of Hike&Dine

On the way I met many wonderful people who helped me build Hike&Dine. I can’t thank them enough for their support. Learn more about the friends who support me on my journey.

Marc Limacher is Hike&Dine’s Götti ( Swiss for Godfather) and in this role supports me on the way to the top. Hiking and enjoying the finer things in life after a rewarding nature experience is a source of inspiration to him. I call Marc our mountain goat – he knows many trails off the beaten path, can call every Swiss mountain peak by name and altitude, and knows all the secret spots to observe wildlife in nature. Originally from the canton of Bern, Marc lived and hiked in California for 25 years, where he built a successful global consulting business.

Matthias and Marc enjoying the top of Niederbauen Kulm

Keith Lang from Nomad Flag, is a professional digital marketer and entrepreneur with a passion for all things travel and culture. Slow travelling the world to meet interesting people, explore beautiful places, and sip delicious wine. Talk to Keith for the best advice on growing your blog. He supported us building our site and made sure its SEO rocks. You can find Keith on: About Nomad Flag | Solo Travel Blog

Matthias from Hike&Dine hiking with Keith Lang from Nomad Flag in Lavaux, Switzerland
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