Hiking and Dining in the Swiss Alps

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Hiking and Dining in the Swiss Alps

Sicht auf den Monte Bré und Gandria (Start Sentiero dell'olivo)

Sentiero dell’olivo Gandria – Castagnola

The Sentiero dell’olivo (english: Olive Trail) from Gandria – Castagnola is an easy hike und rund 3.3 km long. Along the sentiero dell’olivo, you learn a lot about olives and how they are processed. Fantastic views of the turquoise Lago di Lugano, Monte San Salvatore, and immersion in a Mediterranean village are all part of the program.

Rigi Burggeist Bahn

Rigi Burggeist & Zwärgliweg

The family hike on the Zwärgliweg from Rigi Burggeist to Obergschwend is an easy hike. It goes mainly downhill. The hike along the Zwärgliweg, which is just under 4 kilometers long, takes about 1.5 hours and involves a descent of about 539 meters. As the name suggests, the Zwärgliweg trail has many garden gnomes with pointed hats and other fairy-tale characters to discover. After the hike, enjoy the view and a Gersau cheesecake on the large terrace of Rigi Burggeist.

Kleine Emme river, left and right forest


The hike on the Emmenuferweg from Chappelbodenbrücke via Entlebuch to Schüpfheim is easy and takes 3:15 hours. The stretch from Chappelboden bridge to Entlebuch has impressive flora and fauna. On hot summer days, swimming in the Kleine Emme is possible.

Bergrestaurant Alphitta mit schneefreier Terrase, dafür mit viel Sonne. Boden, Tische und Bänke aus Holz. Viele Personen, die die Sonne geniessen und Essen. Im Hintergrund das Matterhorn.

Riffelalp – Zermatt

The hike Riffelalp – Zermatt is made for Matterhorn lovers because you get to see the landmark of Switzerland over and over again. In addition, a ride on the famous Gornergratbahn comes with it, and there are several restaurants along the way.

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