The 5 most popular hikes in Switzerland according to Google

The 5 top hikes in Switzerland in 2021

Every year, Google is publishing its “Year in Search”: a look back to the year through the lens of Google Search. Google Switzerland analyzed the search queries for the most popular hikes in Switzerland in 2021 and shared them exclusively with Hike&Dine. Find below the top 5 hikes in Switzerland based on Internet searches on

Top Hikes Position 1: Creux du Van Hike

Creux du Van is a rock formation in Western Switzerland

Creux du Van is the most popular hike in 2021 according to Google. The 4.5-hour hike in Val de Travers in the canton of Jura offers a view over an oval rock formation often referred to as “the amphitheater”. The round-hike starts and ends at the train station in Noirague and takes hikers 760 meters up/downhill on 14 km.

Top Hikes Position 2: Rigi Hike

Cows chilling out on Mount Rigi in Switzerland. In the background mount Bürgenstock, mount Pilatus and Stanserhorn are visible.

Readers of Hike&Dine know how much we love hiking and dining on Mount Rigi! The Rigi is a very accessible mountain and offers many great hiking trails and delicious restaurants. Therefore, We were not surprised to see “Rigi hiking” in position 2 on the most popular hikes on Google. Interested? Read more about our hike on the Rigi Panorama trail or about the 7-course meal in Hotel Edelweiss. En Guete!

Top Hikes Position 3: 5-Lake Hike Zermatt

View of the Swiss mountain Matterhorn from the Stellisee. Lake is in front of the mountain Matterhorn. The mountain is covered in snow.

The 5 lake hike in Zermatt ranges on position 3 in the Google ranking on the most searched hikes in Switzerland in 2021. We strongly believe: The 5-lake hike is a classic that every hiker should do at least once. The trail not only offers amazing views of the Matterhorn but takes you along 5 lakes in only 2.5 hours. A great hike for everyone.

Top Hikes Position 4: 5-Lake Hike Pizol

On the hiking trail of the 5 lake hike in Pizol. One of the 5 lakes in front, behind it the peaks of the UNSESCO world heritage site Sardona.

And there is another 5-lake hike in the Google ranking! Position 4 ranks the 5-lake-hike in Pizol. This medium-intense hike offers amazing views of the UNESCO World Heritage site Sardona. Hike along 5 crystal clear mountain lakes on a rocky trail that you will most likely share with many other people. This hike in the Pizol region IS popular.

Top Hikes Position 5: Hörnli Hike

Solène and Matthias portrait of on mount Hörnli. Behind them the Swiss Alps.

On Position 5 ranks the round-hike from Steg to Hörnli. This easy all-year hike is a great choice for hikers who don’t have much time and still want to enjoy a great view of the Swiss Alps. In case you forgot your picnic don’t worry: The Guesthouse Hörnli got you covered! Read everything about hiking Hörnli in this article.

We would like to thank Google Switzerland for providing us exclusively with the most searched “hiking”-queries of the year 2021. Search and Hike on!

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