Dining at Hotel Edelweiss on the Rigi

Kräuter Hotel Edelweiss on the Rigi

9-course fine dining with herbs from the hotel’s garden

We tasted the 9-course fine dining menu at Hotel Edelweiss on the Rigi in May 2020 and were thrilled with its quality and the creativity of the chef. All ingredients are selected according to their “Terroir kitchen” principle: best quality products; sourced regionally and unchanged in their form. The dishes are refined with herbs and products from the hotel’s own herbal garden. The Hotel Edelweiss is located on Rigi Staffelhöhe on 1650 meters above sea level. It’s decorated with a Michelin star.

Appetizer No. 2: a praline made from Coq-au-Vin

Our experience staying at Hotel Edelweiss on the Rigi

We stayed and dined at the Hotel Edelweiss on the Rigi on the occasion of Matthias’ birthday in May 2020. As we arrived in the early afternoon we went for a walk and looked at the herbal garden of the hotel. The evening was a truly special occasion. The service was excellent, the decor intimate and romantic. Every course was a creative surprise. It was most likely the best 9-course menu we’ve ever tasted. Read more about our experiences dining at Kräuterhotel Edelweiss below.

About the Hotel: Modern superior rooms with a view

There are 2 types of rooms. The classic room is a standard room as it can be found in many Swiss hotels. We took the superior room and it was the right choice. Modern chairs and a lot of wood are the characteristics of this room. And they come – to my pleasure – without a carpet. We both found the bed to be very comfortable. We put our stuff done and went for a walk. We had a look at the hotel’s own garden. Most of the herbs used in the kitchen are from this garden. We went to our rooms and got ready for the night’s 9-course fine dining menu.

The starters: Pastrami on a clothesline, pralines “Coq au vin” and false oysters

With the aperitif, we were served three different appetizers. The first one was herb chips and pastrami hanging from a “clothesline”. With it various herbs in a loosely spun alp butter, lard with herbs, and cream cheese. Matthias loved the bread and butter. The second one was Solène’s favorite of the evening, a praline made from Coq-au-Vin served under a smoke-filled glass bell. The third amuse-bouche was a “false” oyster sourced from aloe vera from the hotel’s garden.

Appetizer No. 3: a “false” oyster
Appetizer No.1: local delicacies on a clothesline

The Wine Pairing

The amuse-bouches had stirred our excitement for the courses to come. We could already see the chef’s playful signature and were eager to continue the culinary journey. Dining is always about pairing the right wine with the right food. We decided to go with the suggested wine pairings which turned out to be a good choice. We started with a Plantscher of Chaton wines from Visp.

First course: a pike maatjes with radish vegetables

Diner Part 1-3: sweet lamb, sour maatje, and cabbage

The first course was served, it was a pike maatjes from Lake Lucerne with radish vegetables from the garden, garnished with mustard seeds. The Plantscher fit perfectly. The second course was a tartare of organic lamb with white asparagus on an asparagus stock with homemade crackers.

Second course: tartare of organic lamb with white asparagus

With the next wine, an Altesse Nature by Henri Cruchon, courses three to five were served. The third course consisted of an artfully cut cabbage served on a sauce with the puffed grain. It was beautifully arranged with flowers from the garden. This was Matthias’ favorite dish.

Third course: cabbage on a sauce with puffed grain
Fourth course: crispy fried fish with sweet potato chips

Diner Part 4-5: Fish, Asparagus, and Sorbet in 100-year-old Champagne glasses

It was followed by a crispy fried fish with sweet potato chips and some fish rye. The fifth course consisted of asparagus, an airy mousse made from calf’s head, and fresh mushrooms from the region. It was combined with a glass of Viognier from the Valais by the winegrower Thierry Constantin, which went well together.

Fifth course: an airy mousse made from calf’s head with aspargus

As an intermediate course, we were brought a little rhubarb sorbet with some homemade strawberry schnapps. We really liked the 100-year-old silver champagne flutes in which the sorbet was served. The host told us about an old connection between the Hotel Edelweiss and the Hotel Dolder in Zurich, which is where these chalices originally come from.

Refreshing course inbetween: rhubarb sorbet
Sixth course: a blood sausage with garden vegetables

Diner Part 6-7: Blood Sausage and Fillet with herbs from the garden

With the next wine, a blend of Malbec and Merlot from Grilette les Palins of the Domaine de Cressier in Neuchâtel, we were served the sixth course: a blood sausage on a bed of garden vegetables and with a blood sauce. This was followed by a Rigi cow fillet next to a mousse refined with dried garden herbs and flowers.

Seventh course: fillet with herbs from the garden

Diner Part 8-9: Chopped Pear, Basil Sorbet, Gin Tonic

The dessert consisted of two courses and was accompanied by a glass of elderberry sparkling wine. We started with a chopped pear, which was covered with an elderberry foam. We were also served shortbread biscuits with sea buckthorn mousse.

The digestif: a gin with gentian tonic
Eighth course: chopped pear in elderberry foam

The second dessert consisted of basil sorbet and a tomato butterfly served with pastries, dried berries and some ice cream. Instead of a digestif, we opted for a homemade gin tonic, which is mixed with a gentian tonic.

Ninth course: basil sorbet and a tomato butterfly served with pastries

Conclusion: Creativity and natural ingredients on 1650 meters above the sea

We enjoyed dining at Hotel Edelweiss a lot. The dishes are small artworks with local ingredients. The suggested wine pairings go perfectly with the dishes. The inclusion of the herbs from the garden – according to the host the garden has 350 different herbs – is truly creative. Furthermore, we liked the romantic setting and friendly owners (who name themselves the hippies of mount Rigi, more about this here). We can highly recommend this dining experience and – in combination with a hike on the Queen of the mountains – it will be a weekend in heaven.

Matthias Meyer headshot / portrait
Matthias’ Hike pairing

Hike&Dine: Hike on the Rigi Panorama Trail

“Stay for a weekend on the Rigi, get up early, and watch the sunrise on Rigi Kulm. Then hike on the Rigi Panorma Trail from Rigi Kulm to Rigi Scheidegg. Enjoy the best views of Lake Lucerne and the Swiss Alps every meter on the way.” 

Practical information for your stay at Hotel Edelweiss on Rigi

Get to Rigi Staffelhöhe by train and cable car from anywhere in Switzerland. Look up trains directly on the site of Swiss National Railway (SBB) by typing in the starting point and Rigi Staffelhöhe as the destination.

Find the hotel’s Website here. Write an E-Mail to: willkommen@kraeuterhotel.ch or give them a call: +41413998800

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