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Hike from Visp to Visperterminen [Heidadorf]

The vineyard hike [Reblehrpfad und Tärbiner Kulturweg] from Visp to Visperterminen [Heidadorf] is an easy hike that leads through countless vine terraces of the highest vineyard in Europe. Amidst green-yellow colored vines, hikers enjoy a spectacular view of the Valais Alps. The whole hike takes a little more than 3 hours. We did a pleasure version of this hike with Imbach Reisen, which we present to you in the experience report below.

Note: This article was written in cooperation with IMBACH Reisen. Would you like to do this hike as a guided hike? Then we recommend you the specialist for hiking vacations: Imbach Travel.

Visp (651m) – Hubel (705m) – Bächji (851m) – Rotgstei (1040m) – Oberstalden (1020m) – Chrizji (1125m) – Visperterminen (Heidadorf) (1378m)

Psst, who would rather already go into the enjoyment mode, finds here our Dine-Tip, completely under the motto Hike&Wine.

3 h 15

8 km







Eight people pose for a photo in the vineyard in Visperterminen Valais mountains can be seen in the background.
The Imbach hiking group on the hike to Visperterminen

Travel to Visp for the hike Visperterminen

LocationVisp, Canton Valais, Switzerland
Starting point of the hikeVisp train station
Highest point of the hikeVisperterminen [Heidadorf] (1378 m)
End point of the hikeBus stop Visperterminen
How to get there by carTravel time from Zurich: approx. 3 h 10 | Travel time from Bern: approx. 1 h 50
ParkingVisp train station parking garage
A bus stop below the vineyard on the hike to Visperterminen. In the background a cloudless sky.
Stop Bächji below the vineyard on the hike Visperterminen
Profilbild von Solène Stucker, Mitbegründerin von Hike&Dine
Solène’s “Dine” Tip

Wine-Tip: Tasting at the St. Jodern Kellerei Visperterminen

“After a hike through the highest vineyard in Europe still taste a glass of wine? This is possible on the hike Visperterminen in the St. Jodern Kellerei”.

Visperterminen hiking: Facts and figures

Walking time3 h 15 min [individual stages: 20 min to Hubel, 35 min to Bächji bus stop, 50 min to Rotgstei, 15 min to Oberstalden, 25 min to Chrizji, 1h 30 min to Visperterminen]
Recommended hiking monthsApril – November
Type of hikeMountain hike
WaypointsVispHubelBächjiRotgsteiOberstaldenChrizjiVisperterminen | Reblehrpfad | Tärbiner Kulturweg
TerrainThe hike Visp – Visperterminen is mostly on well-marked hiking paths and trails and occasionally on asphalted side roads.
Altitude metersUphill: 768 hm | Downhill: 59 hm
Webcam and weatherYou can see the current weather situation on this webcam
Postbus (bus)If you want to shorten the hike, take the post bus from Visp (train station south) to the stop “Visperterminen, Bächji”. Return from Visperterminen [Heidadorf] by post bus to Visp.
Cost postbus (bus)Prices bus ride Visp – “Visperterminen, Bächji”: from CHF 3.60 for adults without discount
Prices bus ride Visperterminen – Visp (return): from 6.80 for adults without discount
Restaurants and picnic areasWine tasting at the St. Jodern winery, the Johanneli Fi wine cellar or the Terbin wine cell ar, among others | restaurants in Visp and Visperterminen | a picnic area without barbecue facilities
Highlights✅ Vineyard nature trail through the highest vineyard in Europe.
Wine tasting possible at the St. Jodern Kellerei.
✅ Fantastic views of the Weisshorn and Visp.
An asphalt road leads through the vineyard. The winegrowers are at work. Behind the vineyard another mountain can be seen. The sky is steel blue.
Between the vine terraces, the Visperterminen hike takes you through the highest vineyard in Europe

Description Hike Visp to Visperterminen

The hike from Visp to Vispterminen starts in the small town of Visp. First, the path leads through the Visper shopping alley into the old town. Then you walk through the hamlet Hubel out of town. Soon you reach the vineyard nature trail. The first vines adorn the roadside here. At the bus stop “Visperterminen, Bächji” (approx. 35 min. from Visp.) cross the main road and walk on the asphalted road up the highest vineyard in Europe to Rotgstei.

From here you can overlook the entire vineyard and catch a glimpse of the Matterhorn peak. Afterwards, the trail leads along the Tärbiner Kulturweg to the village of Oberstalden. Wine lovers can turn right here to taste Heida wine at the St. Jodern Kellerei.

View from Rotgstei on deciduous trees and especially firs. In the background, you can see a white mountain peak. The sky is steel blue.
View from Rotgstei to the surrounding forest on the hike Visperterminen

However, if you want to continue hiking right away without stopping, follow the path and hike further ahead past the chapel above Chrizji. At this point you have a particularly beautiful view of the Weisshorn. Shortly before Visperterminen, you cross the Riedbach. And then you’re almost there. After about 3 h 15 hiking time you reach the village Visperterminen, also called Heidadorf. From the station “Visperterminen, Busterminal” you then take the bus back to Visp (train station south).

Several people (Imbach hiking group) looking at the mountain panorama and listening to the hiking leader telling stories. All of them can only be seen with their backs.
The Imbach hiking group listens intently to what Anselmo tells about the surroundings on the Visperterminen hike

Free interactive map of the hike Visperterminen [Heidadorf]

Here you can find a free map of the hike from Visp to Visperterminen. In addition, you can download a GPX file of the hike here, which you can then use with your smartphone or smartwatch. Below you will find an interactive map of the hike Visperterminen with start in Visp.

The Imbach hiking group over hill and dale through the forest. Four people walk up the trail between the trees.
The Imbach hiking group over hill and dale through the forest.

Our experiences on the Visperterminen hike with IMBACH

We did this hike as part of an IMBACH hiking trip. The weather was perfect: not a cloud was in the sky on this beautiful October day. In the following lines you will learn what we experienced on the hike Visperterminen with IMBACH.

In the foreground the big vineyard of Visperterminen and behind it other mountains of Valais with the blue sky.
The vineyard in its full glory on the hike Visperterminen

Start of the hike Visperterminen at Visp train station

Led by our hiking guide, Anselmo Loretan, our hiking group gathered at the train station in Visp. Hikers who do the whole hike from Visp to Visperterminen start their way here toward the old town. Anselmo announced that we will do a pleasure variant of the hike. We got on the post bus and rode to the Bächji stop in just under 15 minutes, which was a shortcut.

With the post bus from Visp to Bächji

At the bus stop “Visperterminen, Bächji” we left the bus. The busstop probably got its name from the river of the same name that flows nearby. As soon as we got off the train, we were impressed by the bright green vineyard. I wonder what we will learn about winemaking during the Visperterminen hike.

Hike Visperterminen: Up to the highest vineyard in Europe!

From here on, the asphalted road [Reblehrpfad] ran uphill from the bus stop in a serpentine line through the steeply terraced vines bathed in green-yellowish light. With every turn, we got a little closer to the steel blue sky. We were lucky: the winegrowers were at work on this warm October day, filling their red harasses with the ripe grapes. Something was going on at the highest vineyard in Europe!

Several red and yellow plastic boxes filled with grapes. They are on a trailer. In the background, one can see the mountains of Valais.
Grape harvest on the highest vineyard in Europe

Hike to Visperterminen and experience the winemaker’s work at first hand

Our IMBACH hiking guide Anselmo knew some of the people on the mountain. After a little chat about the type of grape varieties and the timing of the harvest, the winemakers went back to work. How cool to have the opportunity to experience the work on the mountain first hand! After we took a few steps away, Anselmo tickled the knowledge we had just acquired us with a quiz. Thus, we learned in a playful way that the most famous grape variety and the wine made from it is called Heida. The Heida belongs to the family of Savagnin Blanc grape and originally moved from the French Jura to Valais.

On the highest vineyard in Europe, there’s a picnic table with a view

At the top of the vineyard, where the path enters the forest, we had a picnic on top of the hill. The large wooden table with massive benches provided space for our whole hiking group. A bit out of breath we sat down. From here we saw the vineyard in all its glory. The words stuck in our throats in amazement – this view was pure bliss. We enjoyed a picnic in the warm autumn sun. Simply wonderful, this first stage of the Visperterminen hike!

Bird's eye view photo of the highest vineyard in Europe.
Bird’s eye view: the highest vineyard in Europe

Hiking on the vine trail to Visperterminen

After refreshments, the IMBACH group hiked from Rotgstei along the now somewhat narrower Rebenweg. We balanced like young chamois over the stony path. Surefootedness is an advantage on this section of the Visperterminen hike.

From here, the vineyard could be seen from a different perspective. A true work of art, this terraced build! We proudly posed for another selfie – a nice memory we don’t want to deprive you of:

On the hike Visperterminen from Rotgstei to Oberstalden

From the vine path, we also had a good view of the snow-covered mountains of the Upper Valais. We often stopped in amazement. It is beautiful here. After a good half hour on the Rebenweg, we arrived at Oberstalden. We almost lost our hiking group, which was waiting at the junction in Oberstalden, because of all the photos we were taking.

Matthias and Solène shake hands. In the background, you can see the vineyard of St. Jodern Kellerei. Behind the vineyard, other mountains of Valais can be seen.
Solène and Matthias have climbed the highest vineyard in Europe on the Visperterminen hike, for this they get a high five

Wine enjoyment in the St. Jodern Winery

Oberstalden in the canton of Valais, however, was not yet the destination. All those who hike to Vispterminen, from here follow the path further uphill [Tärbiner Kulturweg]. IMBACH had other plans with us: hiking and wine! We, therefore, hiked downhill to the St. Jodern Kellerei. On the way, we discovered a herd of Valais black nose sheep with little lambs. Soooooo cute! This made Solène’s heart beat faster. Arrived at the St. Jodern Kellerei we were warmly welcomed.

Hike downhill to Visp during the golden hour

After the wine tasting, we hiked on in good spirits and with a taste of Heida on our palates. After a short stretch along the main road, we reach the bus station Bächji, where we started the hike in the morning. From here, we went all downhill on the vineyard nature trail (Rebenweg). The evening sun bathed the vineyard behind us in golden light. In this magical evening atmosphere, we hiked all the way to Visp, looking longingly back at the vineyard. Did IMBACH create this ambiance especially for us? The timing was perfect in any case.

Arrival in Visp after wining and hiking in Visperterminen

The hiking trail branched off into St. Jodernstrasse. The stone-paved path led past babbling fountains, typical Valais houses, and historic buildings such as the Church of the Epiphany. We arrived in Visp. In the old town, we listened once again to Anselmo’s explanations.

At the end of this day of wine and hiking, we were back in Visp at the train station. With tired calves, we boarded the train to Salgesch while the sun disappeared behind the vineyard. On our faces a smile.

An asphalt road leads up the vineyard between the vine terraces. in the background, one can see the mountains behind the village of Visp. Clear blue sky.
Hiking Visperterminen with panoramic view from the vineyard to the mountains behind Visp

Conclusion of the pleasure variant of the hike Visperterminen with Imbach Reisen

To hike in the middle of vines and still experience the winemaker’s work on the mountain up close has always been a wish of ours, which came true on this day. Thanks to Anselmo, we were able to take a lot of interesting information with us. Besides the hike through the vines, the fantastic view of the Valais Alps was definitely a highlight of this trip. First, walk through the vines and then drink the grape juice from them – what more could one want? At this point, a big thank you to IMBACH Reisen who made this trip possible for us.

Solène hikes down a rocky path. On the left side is a rock wall. In the background, one can see a forest and behind it the mountains Dürrenhorn and Platthorn
Solène walks along the vineyard nature trail in the direction of Oberstalden.
Preparation for the hike to Visperterminen

Practical information for the hike Visp – Visperterminen

How to get there by public transport

Visp is easily accessible by train. From Zurich and Lucerne, the train ride takes about 2 hours; from Bern about 1 hour, and from Geneva about 2.5 hours. If you want to do the pleasure variant of the hike Visp – Vispterminen described in our experience report, take the bus from Visp (train station south) to the bus stop “Visperterminen, Bächli”. The bus ride takes about 5 minutes. You can find the connection for public transport in the SBB timetable.

How to get there by car

The easiest way to park is in the parking garage at the train station in Visp. Both the big route and the pleasure variant will get you back to Visp. The parking garage is open 24/7.

Extension of the hike

If you want to extend the hike to Visperterminen (even just for another view), you can take the cable car from Visperterminen valley station to Giw at the end of the hike. To get back to Visp, take the gondola back to the village of Visperterminen and take the bus from “Visperterminen, Busterminal”.


Would you like to do this hike as a guided hike? Then we recommend you the specialist for hiking vacations: Imbach Travel.

Good to know

The Celts already practiced viticulture in Visperterminen.
The Heida is an original grape variety.
“Heida” is an ancient term from the Upper Valais dialect: “Heiden” means “former” in the sense of “in the times of the pagans”.
For these reasons, the village of Visperterminen has also the name Heidavillage (Heidadorf).

A car with a trailer is driving along the road. The winemakers are standing on the trailer, with loaded crates of grapes. Behind it, you can see the village of Unterstalden with the typical Valais houses. They all have stone roofs.
View of the house roofs of Unterstalden on the hike Visperterminen
Wine and Visperterminen

Why wine can be grown below Visperterminen

For the wine to be grown at 1150 m.a.s.l., several factors must be right. On the one hand, the slope, the construction of the terraces, the organic soil substance, but also the suitable grape variety. In Visperterminen all these factors are given. Thanks to the southwestern slope of 40° and the high dry stone walls, which can store the sun’s heat well, the vineyard is ideally oriented towards the sun even during the autumn season. Since the highest vineyard in Europe is located frontally in the foehn channel of the Visp valleys, it is also spared from the north wind. The Visper valleys are the region in Switzerland with the least precipitation. In addition, the vine Heida, which is typical for Visperterminen, grows here. It makes few demands and also thrives well at higher altitudes. All these factors and, of course, the skill and passion of the winegrowers make viticulture at these altitudes possible.

Close up of the vineyard. One half is shaded and the other half is illuminated by the morning sun. Behind it, you can see another mountain and the steel blue sky.
The morning sun illuminates the vineyard

Impressions from the hike to Visperterminen

Find more pictures from our hike to Visperterminen.

A panoramic view of the village of Oberstalden, which can be seen only very small. In front of it, one can see the terraced vineyards and on the left side a hill with rocks and trees. In the background, one can see more mountains, some of which have snow-covered peaks. The sky is steel blue.
View of Oberstalden and the mountains behind on the Visperterminen hike
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