Matthias Meyer

Matthias bezeichnet sich selbst als Gourmet-Wanderer: Seiner Meinung nach geht nichts über ein feines Essen nach einem Wandertag. Auf Hike&Dine möchte er seine schönsten Erlebnisse in den Schweizer Alpen mit Ihnen teilen. Matthias calls himself a gourmet hiker: in his opinion, nothing beats a delicious meal after a day of hiking. On Hike&Dine he wants to share his favourite experiences in the Swiss Alps with you.
Solène hikes up to Truettlisbergpass. In the background view of the Swiss Alps.

Hiking the Via Alpina: Lenk to Gstaad

In this post, we want to share our experience hiking on the Via Alpina from Lenk to Gstaad. It can be done in 7:30 hours. We did it in 11 hours due to an extended fondue break on the way. The hike is not as steep as the other legs of the Via Alpina. However, with 22km length and +/- 1150 vertical meters it’s a long hike.

Hiking the Via Alpina: Lenk to Gstaad Weiterlesen

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