Hiking Kandersteg to Adelboden on the Via Alpina


Hike from Kandersteg to Adelboden over Bunderchrinde

Kandersteg (1176m) – Usser Üschene (1595m) – Alp Alpschele (2098m) – Bunderchrine (2385m) – Vorder Bonder (1730m) – Adelboden (1348m)

The hike from Kandersteg to Adelboden over the Bunderchrinde mountain pass is only suited for expert hikers. The hike from Kandersteg to Adelboden is 16km long and takes you 1400 meters uphill and 1250 meters downhill. Hiking Kandersteg – Adelboden took us about 6:30 hours. The hike starts in Kandersteg and ends in Adelboden. On this hike from Kandersteg to Adelboden, you will cross Bunderchrinde pass, one of the Via Alpina’s 14 mountain passes.

+1400m -1250m

6:30 hours



Hiking trail above the clouds on the Via Alpina from Kandersteg to Adelboden over Bunderchrine mountain pass.
Hiking trail above the clouds on the Via Alpina from Kandersteg to Bunderchrinde

Our experience hiking Kandersteg to Adelboden over Bunderchrinde on the Via Alpina

We hiked on the Via Alpina from Kandersteg to Adelboden in June 2020. It’s a tough hike! We made more than 2500 meters of altitude in a day. We were rewarded with the best Röschti for breakfast; fought the fog on our way up to Bunderchrinde mountain pass, and we discovered the beautiful village of Adelboden. Read more about our hike on the Via Alpina from Kandersteg to Adelboden below.

Slow hiking along the Kander river from Kandersteg

It was raining all night and still rained when we woke up. We decided to give it a try anyway. We left early as we knew the hike would be challenging. Still half asleep we walked along the river Kander deeper into the valley. After a short hour, the path took us into a forest and higher up along massive rocks. This was a first rough ascent and we were sweating and awake when we reached “Usser Üschene” (1595m).

Solène and Matthias eating a Swiss national dish called Rösti on the hike on Via Alpina from Kandersteg to Adelboden
Us eating a well-deserved Rösti for breakfast

Hiking Kandersteg Adelboden: A cow race and a Rösti for breakfast

We changed our shirts and crossed a meadow. Out of nowhere 6 cows were running towards us. Mother cows or even a bull? It did not matter! We started sprinting in the other direction. On the asphalt road, we realized that we were running away from baby cows. The farmer across the field just laughed at us. These city people!

Profile picture of Solène Stucker, co-founder of Hike&Dine
Solène’s Dine Pairing

Dine at Landgasthof Ruedihus in Kandersteg

“I was looking forward to this very Swiss dinner for days. The butter noodles at Landgasthof Ruedihus are simply the best. And they were gone in no time.”  

After this morning full of excitement we were hungry – and lucky. It turned out that the farmer on Alp Üschene also owns a restaurant. The sun came out and we sat down on the terrace of the Alp Restaurant Lohner and ordered a Rösti (Swiss traditional farmer dish). Eating Rösti on 1600 masl after running away from baby cows? It can’t get more Swiss than that!

A collection of pictures from our hike on the Via Alpina from Kandersteg over Bunderchrinde mountain pass to Adelboden, Switzerland
Impressions from our hike on the Via Alpina from Kandersteg to Adelboden

A hike to Bunderchrinde mountain pass through the fog

The Swiss dish gave us the energy we needed to tackle the next leg. We felt ready to continue our hike from Kandersteg to Adelboden. Slowly but surely we climbed the remaining 700 vertical meters. On Alp Alpschele the fog made a comeback and the sight was very bad. However, we knew that the goal was in reach and we finally made it to Bunderchrinde pass on 2385masl.

Solène hiking on Via Alpina from Kandersteg to Bunderchrine mountain pass. In the backgrund a fog wall.
Solène hiking through the fog on her way to Bunderchrinde mountain pass.

Hike from Bunderchrinde to Adelboden

After a short rest on the pass, we started our descent from Bunderchrinde mountain pass to Adelboden. From up here, the goal seemed close. However, the hike took us another 2+ hours. The weather changed again and when we reached the mountain restaurant Bonderstübli we had lunch in the sunshine. With a full stomach and in a good mood we started hiking towards Adelboden.

View from Bunderchrinde mountain pass on Via Alpina to Adelboden, Switzerland.
View from Bunderchrinde pass to Adelboden, Switzerland.

Hike&Dine Tip

Alpbeizli: Traditional Swiss cuisine on the hiking trail

This hike offers a deep dive into Swiss authentic traditional cuisine. The Alpbeizli (mountain restaurants) are small restaurants in the mountains often owned by farmers. They are famous for their traditional Swiss food, hospitality, and a must-visit for every gourmet hiker.

Hiking up on the Via Alpina from Kandersteg you will get to “mountain restaurant Lohner” (in German: Bergrestaurant Lohner) on Alp Üschere (1594m). Their specialty is traditional Swiss food with a focus on fresh-made Rööschti (Rösti). It’s by far the best Rööschti we ever tasted. We also loved the setting of the tables next to the farmhouse where kids can watch the cows. It’s impressive how the owners take care of the place. Location with contact details can be found here.

The hike from Bunderchrinde to Adelboden brings you to “Bonderstübli” on Vordere Bondere (1730m). Their specialty is Älplermagrone, a dish from the Swiss Alps with pasta, potatoes, creme, cheese, and onions. The Gulasch soup offers everything a hungry hikers stomach needs. We also loved the friendly owners, the view to Adelboden, and the cute tablecloths. Location and homepage with more info can be found here.

Aelplermagrone and Gulasch in Bonderstübli Bonderalp, Adelboden, Switzerland
Älplermagrone and Gulasch in Bonderstübli Bonderalp, Adelboden

Practical Information

Prepare your hike on Via Alpina from Kandersteg to Adelboden

Get to Kandersteg and Adelboden by train and bus from anywhere in Switzerland. Look up trains directly on the site of the Swiss National Railway (SBB) by typing in the starting point and Kandersteg or Adelboden as the destination.

This hike is though and only suited for expert hikers. You must be in good shape and able to walk for 7 hours.

On the site of SwitzerlandMobility, you can download an altitude profile and find a map of the hike.

Don’t overpack. There are 2 mountain restaurants on the way. Make sure they are open and pack accordingly. Bring enough cash.

As always, check the weather conditions. When we hiked to Bunderchrinde we suddenly ended up in a dense fog. Make sure that the weather is good.

We stayed 2 nights in Adelboden to try out 2 different hotels. Hotel Revier in Adelboden just opened the week before we were there. It offers simple rooms with huge windows and a hipster vibe in the Alps.

We then stayed a night at the Cambrian. It’s well known for the outdoor pool. We loved the food and the beds. We never slept better on Via Alpina!

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