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Staying at Hotel Waldrand on Pochtenalp

Hotel Waldrand on Pochtenalp near Griesalp is a historic hotel in Kiental, Switzerland. The hotel dates back to 1911. Staying in the hotel Waldrand, which has still all historic structures while updating essentials for a certain comfort, is a unique experience. Stay here to hike to Blüemlisalphütte or Sefinenfurgge or to unwind from the busy city hustle.

Hotel Waldrand on Pochtenalp near Griesalp
Hotel Waldrand on Pochtenalp near Griesalp

Our experience staying at Hotel Waldrand Pochtenalp

The Hotel Waldrand on the Pochtenalp near the Griesalp is the ideal starting point for a hike to the Blüemlisalphütte, the Sefinenfurgge, or for a slow-down weekend in the mystical Kiental. Somewhat hidden near the Pochtenalp lies this historic house in chalet style; close to the steepest bus route in Europe. There is no cell phone reception, TV, or WLAN. And that’s perfect.

About Hotel Waldrand Pochtenalp

Hotel Waldrand Pochtenalp was built in 1911 in the chalet style, which was used at the beginning of the 20th century as a more economic alternative to the common Grand Hotel style. In 2016, it won the title of “Historic Hotel of the Year” – very well deserved, we think. The historic Hotel Waldrand Potchtenalp invites you to travel back in time. Ancient creaking wood, which has certainly seen many guests come and go, lines all the interiors.

A pitcher of water in the room of the Hotel Waldrand
A pitcher of water in the room of the Hotel Waldrand
Hotel Waldrand offers rooms and beds with a view
Hotel Waldrand offers rooms and beds with a view

Hotel Waldrand Pochtenalp – a nostalgic Swiss historic hotel

The hotel rooms as well as the dining hall are lovingly decorated. In the hotel rooms, a pitcher of water is provided to ensure that thirsty guests do not have to leave the room during the night. The modern showers and toilets are located in the hallway. A bed bottle is provided because the rooms are not heated. The beds are comfortable, the mattresses are pleasant, which we were glad about. In the Säli, the dining hall of Hotel Waldrand, the guests have breakfast and dinner. The walls are decorated with personal souvenirs of the owner’s family, a hunting rifle, and a pendulum clock gently sets the pace. The latter served as our chess clock during an exciting game of chess that Matthias won hands down. 

Tik tok, the time runs so quick when playing a round of chess at Hotel Waldrand
Tik Tok, the time runs so quick when playing a round of chess at Hotel Waldrand
Table with a view at Hotel Waldrand Pochtenalp
Table with a view at Hotel Waldrand Pochtenalp

The terrace of Hotel Waldrand Pochtenalp: Great views of Kiental and a homemade iced-tea

On the terrace, there are fire bowls for cozy evenings. The tables, chairs, and deck chairs invite you to linger. We took the opportunity to taste the homemade herbal iced tea on the terrace – wonderfully refreshing! We finished the afternoon with another game of chess (revenge!). The defeated player gave out the aperitif. I leave it to your imagination who that was… We enjoyed the summer evening and the clouds on the deck chairs of the terrace with a glass of wine.

The Hotel Waldrand Pochtenalp has thin walls

The night at the Hotel Waldrand Pochtenalp was short, as expected. The walls are thin, accordingly, you can hear your neighbors or the sound of the rain. We had already adjusted to the ring hearing and were accordingly mentally prepared for a not-so-quiet night. After a simple breakfast, we picked up our hiking lunches and set off for the next stage of the Via Alpina: the Blüemlisalphütte.

Matthias enjoing the view from Hotel Waldrand's terrace
Matthias enjoing the view from Hotel Waldrand’s terrace

Conclusion: The Hotel Waldrand Pochtenalp offers all-inclusive relaxation

The Hotel Waldrand was the ideal hotel for us while hiking on the Via Alpina. The location on the Pochtenalp, yet away from the hustle and bustle of the other hotels on Griesalp, and the charming historic ambiance, makes it the ideal starting point for the Sefinenfurgge or the Blüemlisalphütte. The lack of Wi-Fi and cell phone network does not bother at all but directs the attention to the essentials: the wonderful nature that lies literally at your feet in the beautiful Kiental.

Matthias Meyer headshot / portrait
Matthias’ Hike Tip

Hike&Dine: Hike on the Via Alpina from Mürren to Griesalp

“Hike on the Via Alpina from Griesalp to the legendary Blüemlisalp – the so-called kings’ stage. Tick off this Swiss classic from your bucket list! The steep Hohtürli is considered the tricky finale of the hike – but totally worth it once you have reached the Blüemlisalp and enjoy the views all over the Bernese alps!”

Practical Information

Practical information for your trip to Hotel Waldrand Pochtenalp

You can reach the Pochtenalp by post bus from anywhere in Switzerland. Search directly on the site of the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) for trains and post buses by entering your starting point and destination.

For the Hotel Waldrand use the station Pochtenalp, Abzw. Waldrand.

We stayed at the Hotel Waldrand on the Pochtenalp. More information can be found here. Discover the steepest post bus route in Europe and make a detour to the restaurant Zum Bären in Reichenbach. You can find more information here.

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